1Password - Password manager and share passwords without people being able to see them. I used Dashlane for years but recently switched to 1Password.

Ahrefs - We use this as our go to SEO tool (check back links, rankings, etc)

Airtable - Makes Google Spreadsheets and Trello look like a joke.

Apple Text Replacement - Type short codes like ;wb and it'll replace with your website url. Used to use TextExpander but now just use Apple's built in text replacement.

Audible - How I read all of the books I read. Honestly I ended up cancelling my subscription and now I listen to books on Spotify.

Authy - 2FA code generator on phone and desktop. If you want to bank up your codes, this is helpful.

Basecamp - How we manage all of our events- great easy to use client facing infrastructure

Blinkist - Before I read a full book someone has recommended, I read the 10 minute summary

Brave Browser - Faster than Chrome and more privacy focused. I primarily use this browser but have been experimenting with Edge/Bing for it’s ChatGPT integration.

BreezyHR - Job board and employee application management

Buzzstream - Link building CRM

BuzzSumo - Helps you see what content is shared the most on social media for anything you search

Calendly - While I use Hubspot Meetings primarily, this is my calendar booking tool of choice if I didn’t have Hubspot.

CARROT Weather - Hyper local weather app, find out when it's going to rain exactly where you are

CCleaner (Windows) or Clean My Mac (Mac) - Clean up computer. Also set it to delete my files in downloads folder older than 30 days (speeds up computer)

Checker Plus for Google Cal - See your calendar quickly from Chrome toolbar and it pops up a calendar reminder for upcoming meetings in the center of my screen.

Circle - This is my community building platform of choice

Clay - Reminds me to keep in touch with people and syncs with iMessage, email, calendar, etc. It's like your personal CRM.

Cleanshot X For Mac - Take really clean screenshots

Clockwise - Free app that automatically blocks out chunks of Focustime, also automatically reschedules internal meetings to maximize focus time, and also syncs your Slack status so you are snoozed when in meetings or focus time and can put the meeting name in your status so people know what you're up to on Slack

Copilot - Amazing easy to use personal budgeting tool. Use my referral code U4E8ET to get 2 months free

CrystalKnows - See the personality of people right from email, Hubspot, LinkedIn, etc

DarkReader - Make every website a dark mode (save your eyes)

Databox - Dashboards with any KPIs you want on it. I send these to Slack channels automatically

Descript - My go to audio and video editing software that allows you to edit a video like a Google Doc. Instantly erase filler words, awkward silences and even edit what people say.

DesignPickle - Unlimited graphic design

Dialpad - Have a business line without carrying two phones. Call recordings and texts go automatically to Hubspot. Used to use Aircall/Salesmessage but now switched to this

Earth Class Mail - Mail boxes across the country that scan your email and remotely manage your inbox

EmailMeter - Interesting stats around your email (how fast you reply, how long it takes for you to reply, etc)

Express VPN - Highest rated VPN- I love it because I can set it to automatically connect on my phone when I'm on an insecure wi-fi network

Newsfeed Eridicator - Block the Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. etc newsfeed

Feedly - RSS Reader of choice

Fireflies.ai - This is my app of choice to attend my meetings and take notes for me. I like it because it integrates into my CRMs and my task management systems.

Flighty - Flight tracking app. It's even faster the the airline apps.

Float - Cash flow projection and budgeting

Frame.io - We use this to review video content we make- if you deal with a lot of video content, this app is incredible

Freshbooks - Use this for my personal invoicing because it's quick and simple to use

Gated - Force people who haven't emailed you before to donate to your favorite charity in order to reach you

Genius - Affiliate link generation on your blog

Gong - Records all of our calls, transcribes them, and gives us logic on how well our sales team is doing. Allows us to give rapid feedback as well.

GoodNotes - I use Apple Notes as my main note taking app but I use GoodNotes for my Best Self Journal (PDF journal)

Google Backup and Sync - Back up whole computer and everything. I love that I can access files quickly on my Google Drive without opening my browser or downloading the file.

GoVideo - Send quick sales video and see when people view them. Similar to Loom but doesn’t embed in Slack or Slab. I use mainly for sales messages.

Harvest - Hour clocking for my team and personal self

HelloSign - Digitally sign contracts - integrates with Hubspot

Hubspot - Our main marketing tool - We use their Enterprise Growth suite for everything. I love Hubspot. So if you have a business, just do yourself a favor and switch to Hubspot.

Instacart - Grocery delivery - set automatic recurring deliveries, same-day delivery, etc

Lattice - Team performance management (updates, 1on1s, engagement surveys, reviews, goal tracking, etc)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator - 100% worth it, gives you so much insight into when your prospects are posting and build your network

Loom - Quick screen recording to explain how to do something and send to Slack quickly and share inside of Slab.com

Lucky Orange - See how people are using your website

Momentum - Cool new tab with pretty pictures

Mural - Whiteboard tool that is super easy to use and fast

NextDNS - Use this software to block all ads and malware on my network.

Outgrow - Build custom quizzes and calculator to generate leads

Peloton - Now that we're all at home so much, this keeps me energized. Best exercise ever.

Pocket - When someone sents me an article, I save it to my Pocket which saves it offline (great for airplane trips)

Podbean - Best audio and video podcast hosting

Pura - Smart home scent diffuser that is pet friendly

Readwise - Takes the highlights from Kindle, Feedly, Pocket, and Twitter and resurfaces them to help you remember them

Repurpose House - Turns blog posts, long videos and podcasts into 20+ pieces of social media content automatically. Use this coupon to get $200 off, use BESTCONTENTEVER

RescueTime - Track how much time I spend on various apps & sites. Also block distracting sites. Also silence my phone and all notifications when I need focus.

Rippling - Single employee database and onboarding/offboarding automation (when we hire someone it automatically makes all of their software accounts)

Riverside.fm - Podcast recording remotely (records locally and online as a backup). I also like Squadcast.

Robinhood - Easy stock and crypto trading. Use my link to get a free stock for just signing up. I like it for it's easy to use widgets and quick app use.

Sanebox - Turns the hundreds of emails I get a day into a dozen. Uses machine learning to figure out what emails are most important to you.

Slab - Company wiki and internal documentation. Notion just added the verification feature, so that might be something I change to soon.

Slack - Team chat (replaces internal email)

Sonos - Music in my house

SoundStripe - Unlimited rotalty free music - lets you source by energy, vibe, instruments, speed, etc

Spotify - Music and podcasts

Superhuman Email - By far the fast email client I've ever used. Took 1 hour of email down to 15 minutes.

Todoist - Todo list of choice. Been using it for over 10 years.

VLC - View any video file

VocalVideo - Create mini video testimonials automatically with no effort at all

Wistia or Vidyard - We host all of our video content here that goes on our site - we only use YouTube as a way to promote blog posts. Lives on our site first.

WPBuffs - Keep your Wordpress install fast, and secure. Automatically updating plugins and making small edits when needed. Use code HELLOENDLESS10 for 10% off at checkout.

Xero - Business Accounting - much better than Quickbooks and integrates with everything